How to embrace travel again n 2022

Just a few short years ago, we seemed to be living in a golden age for travel. Flight deals were in no short supply and the globe was made smaller with so much access and resources for new travelers. The growth of Black Travel was front and center in popular culture, and it was a beautiful sight to see us taking up space in an industry that had overlooked us for so long.

However, the arrival of a devastating global pandemic changed everything and just like that we were all home on our couches daydreaming about our canceled travel plans and wondering if we would ever be able to explore so freely again.

It was a time to reflect for many on those things that really matter to us. It made me aware of just how much of the world I still haven’t seen and how to some degree I think I took it for granted that there will always be a time and an opportunity to go.

With all we have endured for the last two years, it’s important to get back to incorporating the things in our life that bring us joy. It was a dark and stressful time with the loss of life, jobs, and social connections. It was isolating.

1. Make a new travel vision board.

This is your chance to set new travel goals for yourself so that you can create a plan to make them happen. You can use words or pictures or both to visualize those places you really want to see.

2. Get travel inspiration from awesome content creators.

Instagram has always been a great resource for getting wanderlust inspiration. However, with the explosion of TikTok, there are countless creators sharing travel tips and giving us much-needed travel inspiration. Be sure to trawl Pinterest too for some amazing travel and packing checklists, country do’s and don’ts and some inspiring visuals to make your next dream vacation, a reality.

3. Set up alerts for travel deals.

For a while I had disabled many of my alerts because it was just too sad of a reminder that I couldn’t travel. Now that things are opening again, go ahead and turn reminders on so that you can be in the know for the latest flight and vacation package deals.

4. Travel Domestically.

There are beautiful destinations across the country just waiting to be explored. A domestic adventure can be just as thrilling and memorable as a trip abroad. More often than not there are a plethora of amazing getaways right in your back yard!

5. Try social distancing friendly unique accommodations.

If you are looking for ways to be as safe as possible and minimize exposure to people then you should consider accommodations like renting a tiny house, Glamping Resorts, Treehouses, Houseboats and RV camping 

What about renting a luxury camper van through Outdoorsy to get a taste of the van camping? A luxury treehouse or treetop cabins? The options are endless!

6. Plan your trips for the shoulder seasons and off-seasons.

You can always find better deals when you don’t travel to a destination during their peak travel season. You will also have way fewer people to navigate making it easier to social distance.

7. Research travel requirements for your destination.

You should also read and research the official website for the country you plan to visit.

This new age time of travel is ever-changing and fluid so you will need to check often for any changes leading right up to your departure and return with the relevant State you intend on travelling to.

This tip also applies to domestic travel as well since many states and cities may have their own restrictions or regulations in place for vaccine mandates.

8. Consider small group travel.

It can be daunting to plan travel now with so many new rules and regulations. Small group travel is a great option for people who want to travel safely and know that all the important considerations are covered.

9. Research and purchase travel insurance.

Travel insurance is a must to ensure that if something happens or you fall ill you can get the treatment you need or that you can get home. There are many new provisions that deal directly with the pandemic so do your research and get the plan that is best for your needs.

10. Embrace staycations.

Planning in a few staycations where you are in your city or maybe just a couple hours away is still a great way to get travel back into your life. Sometimes you just need a quick reset and staycations are an easy go-to for that quick fix.

We have so many options to travel again safely and responsibly. Pick a place. Make a plan. And let’s get back out there and take up space again in this big beautiful world.

“Take up space again in this big beautiful world” – Lauren Gay

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